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Food For Thought

Visiting The Dying

When you are visiting the sick, who are you visiting, the person laying in the bed? Or are you visiting yourself? If you are visiting yourself, stop! Remove yourself before you enter the space. Clear away attachment to outcome and share the moments you have with one another without any expectation. Relax your focus and listen. In the listening you will find the lessons of the soul. During particularly hard and sad moments of loss, we tend to sink into our own grief. It is hard to separate the pain we feel from our loved one. It is very helpful to breathe deeply in these moments and detach enough to allow oneself to be there for the other person. In the current pandemic, we are not always allowed to visit our loved ones in person if they are in the hospital or live far away. If you can’t actually be with the person who is dying, you can still visit them in another way by meditating and sending them love and light and talking to them on a telepathic level. Listening is also key when you are sending your thoughts and prayers to a loved one. You may receive a response if you pay attention. I for one choose not to believe in the finality of death, but just in the journey of what living is. Some of the most connected moments in life can happen at the end of our human existence as we are invited to be a support in the transition.