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There will come a magical moment when you see or experience something, and your heart will quietly unfold.
Everything will become sacred, holy, still.
In this moment, in which you are not doing anything in particular, not having any big experience, something will shift, and you will understand yourself as soul in body, a divine being having human experience.
It might show up as part of your religious practice.
It might be a secular moment.
It might happen with family.
It might happen in community.
You might be by yourself.
This is a moment between the moments: a time when you observe yourself being your true soul self. It doesn’t matter how this moment between moments finds you. It just matters that when it does, you pause, allow it, and let it open you.
This moment of observing the self from soul perspective is a kind of manna from the universe, the beautiful gift of deeply knowing the profound experience of being a soul in body, that fills ups, lifts us, and carries us into emotions such as awe, gratitude and bliss.
You can’t create these moments. They just arrive unexpectedly, like a great “aha” in the everyday, when you’re not doing anything important.
Usually, you will find them when you are between experiences.
They don’t happen when you’re experiencing in the now, being fully present.
They don’t happen when you’re thought looping and being in ego identity.