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Food For Thought

Soul Intelligence

We often talk about cerebral and emotional intelligence, but not so much about soul intelligence. In so many ways we are not encouraged to connect with our deeper knowledge. Soul intelligence is an inner sense of knowing and a vibrational experience that is accepted as truth within ourselves. It is deeper and more expansive than intuition. It is the connection between our individual selves and universal consciousness. Accessing our ability to expand on these levels brings one a sense of exhilaration, peace, power and purpose. How do we develop our soul intelligence? By slowing down. Things that spark your soul intelligence might be meditation, quiet contemplation, or prayer. Take some time when you don’t have any distractions or responsibilities. Close your eyes and breathe in, focusing on your heart. Relax and be open to any information flowing in.Ask questions from your heart into the universe or unto your higher power, and practice listening for the answer. Not the one that you want necessarily, but the one that comes deeply to your heart that you simply know is true.