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Food For Thought

Fear And Transformation

In this time, I am struck by the amount of transformation occurring in the world on both spiritual and physical levels. There is also so much fear due to the pandemic, and the uncertainty around us. How can we acknowledge our fears and be willing to accept change? My number one suggestion is to focus on joy. I believe that worry is illusion, a distraction from joy. Some may ask, how can you speak of joy when so many terrible things are happening around us. How can I not? Magic and change are everywhere. Think of the sky- an endless mosaic of moving clouds, light and air. It is perfection in its constantly changing nature. If we can focus on the simplicity and beauty of transformation, fears are lessened. We can’t control the outcomes, but we can be in the moment and trust that the universe is working in our favor. When one becomes aware of being in fear of the future, change can become overwhelming. Slow down and take a breath. This is the moment to reach for the bigger picture. But start with the tiniest thing! Try to remember something that brings you joy. Notice nature and simple things that are inherently changing and be curious about what is next.